How Transparency Marketing Relates to Local Social Media Marketing

Local social media marketing, though a pretty new concept, is on rage. In fact, it is believed that local plus social media plus mobile plus marketing equals to the Next Google (and this equation will keep going, at least, as long as Google brings no better alternatives).Social media is not just a place for chilling out with friends anymore. It has turned out to be one of the most dominating places for business owners and the promotional success of a business (and even business interaction management) largely depends on social media marketing.Shilling Is Not the Trend Any MoreThe new trend is local social media marketing, which is just not limited to shilling to friends, but it is essentially broken down to transparent marketing by micro-casting to a highly targeted audience (who cares to listen and then takes buying decision accordingly) for the targeted niche. In fact, just a mere shilling may really turn them off and put an end to further social communication.Let’s Put Social Media into ActionSocial media websites like Groupon or FourSquare have brought a new dimension in the domain of local marketing. Both of them speak the true essence of transparent marketing which has 5 major standards -1) Marketing is about human and with human, and not just a mere target object. So business with a human face is the new form of marketing.2) Marketing is not about buying from companies, but from individuals, who care to listen problems, and accordingly offer solutions to buyers.3) There should be no separate marketing ‘voice’. The voice should be same and unique, anywhere, anytime. It should be free from patronizing.4) Buying is an act that is purely based on trust, which can only be achieved through honesty, openness and effectiveness. This is when the seller must put buyers’ interest first.5) Customers make their purchase decision based on real data and honest claims.While FourSquare gives you the opportunity to discover what people like or what not, at the social platform of Groupon people actually put their money based on others’ feedback, and make the buying decision. With these platforms, they collect information about the local purchase in a more transparent and unbiased way and this is what makes these platforms so valuable, an ideal marketplace.Transparency Is the New Face of MarketingWhat makes Groupon and FourSquare so popular is the essence of transparent marketing. In fact, this is the latest trend of local social media marketing that helps people to identify black hat social media promoters and avoid them as much as possible.In Groupon, there is a voting feature that integrates additional layer of transparency. If you follow the conversation, you can find out whether a deal is worthy or not, which is definitely a healthy route for a buyer to make informed decision in his buying act.It may be possible that you are not listed in any of these two social platforms. But maintain as much transparency as you can and offer good value services to your customers, while focusing on their interest at the first place. Listen to your customers and be good to them is the basic idea of being successful with local social media marketing techniques.