Bano Beach Resort in Camotes Island

Bano Beach Camotes

Bano Beach Resort in Camotes

UPDATE: Bano Beach is one of the loveliest resort I’ve visited but because of my bad experience regarding their customer service and bad reservation system, I don’t think I’ll be visiting the place again. Here’s my experience the last time I spent my vacation in Camotes.

Summer is fast approaching again and if you’re looking for an affordable white sand beach resort, Bano Beach in Camotes should be in your list. It’s good to see that the resorts in the island have already recovered after it was ravaged by typhoon Yolanda just last year. And thankfully, the natural beauty of the beach resort wasn’t destroyed. Though, some of the plants, including mangroves, are still recovering.

Location and Contact Information

Bano Beach Resort is in Mangodlong, Himensulan, Camotes. To go their, just ride a jeepney from Mandaue City going to Danao. Just inform the driver to drop you near Danao port. Then ride a tricycle going to the port or you can just hike. It’s advisable if you arrive early since their daily schedules are usually 8AM, 11AM and 4PM. The fare is 180 pesos.

Once you arrive in Camotes, there are already lots of motorcycle drivers waiting for passengers. Just tell the driver that you’re headed to Bano Beach. Or you can arrange with the resort to pick you up in the port.

To book a reservation, you can contact them at this mobile number: 0939-834-8125

Rooms & Accommodation

Their lowest room rate is 1700 pesos. But if you visit the resort during non-peak seasons, chances are you’ll get a lower rate. We’ve originally agreed about the 1700 price but when we arrived their, the owner(really generous!) offered us a bigger room for only 1500 pesos.

The rooms are clean and well-maintained. Even the comfort room is also presentable and basic toiletries like tissue, towels, soap and shampoo are provided. The room given to us also has a television.

The Beach Resort

What I really loved about the resort is their beach. It’s like a hidden paradise where lovely views of rock formations, mangroves and fine white sand can be seen. The area looks secluded, private and peaceful.

Bano beach also has a restaurant and each main dish costs around 180 to 300 pesos and is good for two to three persons. My favorite is their seafood rice. For only 100 pesos, you’ll already get a delicious fried rice with lots of shrimps and squid.

Compared to Santiago Beach Resort, Bano has a wider white sand shore and it’s more private. It’s also less rocky. Though the water isn’t that clear and I didn’t see any fish. Though I’ve managed to see some jellyfish!

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