Basdaku Beach in Moalboal

Basdaku Beach in Moalboal

Basdaku beach, located in Moalboal, has a one kilometer white sandy coastline. There are many beach resorts in the area so you will have a lot of choices when you go there. 6 Kilometers away from basdaku, there’s also another beach called the Panagsama beach. Unfortunately, the place was blown a typhoon in 1984. So most tourists who plans to have the white sand beach experience choose basdaku.

You can also rent boats in basdaku which will bring you to a deeper part of the sea for snorkeling.

How to Go to Basdaku Beach

In South bus terminal, just ride a bus that is headed to moalboal. The payment is usually around 90 – 100 pesos. Just inform the konduktor (the guy who collects payment) to drop you on the road going to basdaku beach. If you’re in the right side of the bus, you will know that you’re already near basdaku beach when you start seeing beautiful beach views. You will also see the signboards of the different beach resorts in basdaku.

There are also motorcycle drivers there who wait for passengers and they will start calling passengers when they see a bus arrive. From there, you will need to inform the driver to bring you to basdaku beach. When I went there, I chose HK beach resort so I informed the driver to bring me there. The payment for the motorcylce ride is 20 pesos per head.

I was lucky that the bus stopped due to a road construction. So I had the chance to take this poto.

Entrance Fee and Accommodation

The entrance fee in HK beach resort is only 10 pesos. The standard rooms there are 1500 pesos and the family rooms are 2000 pesos per night. When I went there, all the rooms in HK beach resort are already occupied so I rented a room just beside HK for 1000 pesos. The room doesn’t have an air conditioner but it has an electric fan instead. The room also has its own rest room.

HK Resort’s contact number is 63-09194766385.

The Rooms of HK Beach Resort

If you don’t want to rent  a room, you can just bring your own tent. Some people just bring tents and sleep there overnight.

The Camping Tents of some Tourists

The Beach

Aside from the nice white sand, basdaku beach also has crystal clear water. To prove how clear the water is, I took a photo of my photo while it was under the water.

My foot under the water

Here are some photos of the beach:

Basdaku Beach

A Boat on the Blue Waters of Moalboal

Just some random people having fun

The White Sand and Blue Water of Basdaku

The Sunset in Basdaku Beach

The Sun has Finally Set

Two Boats during the Sunset

Basdaku Beach during the Sunrise

Some Tourists during the Sunrise

People swimming in the early morning

Boats sailing in the early morning


The White Sands of Basdaku Beach


HK Restaurant

Tables and Chairs in HK Restaurant

Your view when eating in HK Restaurant

HK resort has its own HK restaurant. Here are photos of the menus. Just click the images to enlarge:


If you want more affordable food, there’s a karendirya in basdaku.

You are also allowed to bring your own food there. There’s no corkage fee. If you want to, you can also cook or grill there. You can either rent the cooking equipment from them or bring your own equipment. Just be responsible in taking care of your own garbage. Keep the place clean since it’s an affordable yet beautiful beach resort.

If you need to buy fresh fish or seafood, there’s also a market near basdaku. You will need to ride a motorcycle again and the payment is 25 pesos per head.

What Can I Say about the Place?

Overall, my experience there was great. The beach is great and perfect for people who love swimming all day. Access to food is also easy since there’s a restaurant and you can just bring or cook your own food. The facilities are not that fancy but are good and clean. The people there are also friendly and very welcoming.

183 thoughts on “Basdaku Beach in Moalboal

    1. olga

      We are planning to go on a group trip and your place was chosen. We love the place as we are checking, affordable rates as we expected. We would like to know if we can bring extra food and drinks? Of course, we will still have our lunch and dinner at your restaurant.

      1. Author Post author

        Hi Olga. We’re not connected with the resort. But yes, you can bring your own food. There’s no corkage fee.

  1. billie

    i love the views, but we don’t have enough money to pay for the hotel. how much would be the cost for staying overnight using camping tent? does it have comfort & bath room for campers?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Billie. If you’ll bring your own tent, you’ll only need to pay for the entrance fee. No additional payment if you’ll sleep in your tent.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Abby,

      I’ve searched online and this is what I got: 63-09194766385

      I tried to ring it and it rang… 🙂

      CONFIRMED… I sent them a message and they verified that it’s indeed HK’s contact number.

  2. faye

    HK beach resort has full of memories I can’t forget. Bittersweet.

    Emotion-aside, Moalboal is a place I can truly recommend to any tourist, local or foreign. 🙂

  3. paige

    how much is there cottage and how many persons can be accommodated? 🙂 or is it okay if we will not rent any of their cottages but will just pay the entrance fee only? 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      Their room rates are around 1500 – 3000 Pesos. They have rooms that can be rented for 2500 per night and can accommodate four to six people.
      And yes, it’s okay if you don’t rent any of their rooms and just pay the entrance fee. In fact, you can bring your own tent. 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      Bus fare from Cebu City to Moaboal is around 130 Pesos. From Moalboal town, you will need a motorcycle ride to HK. Payment is around 30 to 50 Pesos.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Rovelyn. Yes, there are cottages in Basdaku. Cottage rental is around 200 Pesos. Their cottages are big enough to accommodate 8 people.

  4. crestine

    hi good day…just want to ask if u’ll cottages, and how much is the rent? can we rent the rooms for day-use only? hoping a good reply…god bless…

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Crestine. There are cottages in Basdaku that you can rent for around 200 Pesos. Sorry but I’m not sure if you can rent rooms for day use only. However, they have rooms that can be rented for only around 1000 pesos per night. You can also contact them using the number I’ve provided in my post above. 🙂

        1. Author Post author

          There are non air-conditioned rooms for rent just beside HK that are more affordable. Minimum price starts at 900 pesos.

  5. Charla

    Hi! we are planning to have an overnyt stay at Bas Daku this April 11, 2013 do we have to make reservations for the rooms? Is HK Resort part of Bas Daku?

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Charla! Yes, HK Resort is in Bas Daku. They accept walk-in guests but it’s better if you make reservations in advance. They’re usually fully booked especially during summer and peak seasons…

  6. jessah

    hi , ask lang ko if the cottages cost 200pesos is located at hk resort, if not please tell me the name of the beach resort .. thanks

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, the cottages are located in HK… Though I’m not sure if they changed the prices of the cottages…

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Jasmine. The last time I went there they did not change their room rates even if it’s already summer…

  7. Kevin

    And are there electricity outlets available in the place? If there are, how much would be the charged rates?
    Thank You!

  8. judith villalon

    hi,,,,,if 14 me kabook pwede 1room lang pila d ai?,,,,,,,,pila kabook masud sa 1room?…….anha me april 10 sa morming,,,,out me 11 sa 12noon,,,,,,,,,4kids and 10adult………..pls..pls,,,pls,,,,reply……..unsay number landline nin u?……

    1. Author Post author

      Maybe you can rent a family room and just request for additional beds. For more information you can contact them through the number I’ve provided in my post above. 🙂

  9. ezyl asequia

    hi, unsay sakyan para hk beach resort? ang basdaku kai tupad rana sila? tag 10 php ang entrance no? so we can bring tent also? which is free ra? thanks hope to have your feedback

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Ezyl… From Cebu South Bus terminal, ride a bus going to moalboal. Then ride a motorcycle going to Basdaku. Yes, the entrance fee is 10 pesos but may change depending on the season. You can bring your own tent and that is for free…

  10. Ehzy Friolo

    hi..ahm ask unta me if pwede me mangayu sa contact number sa resort landline or sun ask the roomrates for reservation.thanks

  11. Irene

    Hey the place is quite good. Are there any cottages available? My workmates and I are planning for a getaway trip this weekend. We are looking for an affordable yet with white sand and blue waters (this place is perfect)! If we rent a room overnight, what’s the maximum persons allowed inside? Thanks for the reply.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Irene. Yes, there are cottages for rent. For the rooms, you can rent a family room. The rent is around 2000 pesos. I’m not sure about the maximum number of persons allowed but I think there will be additional payment for additional heads.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Cris. Sorry I don’t have map but I can only give you directions. At the north bus terminal, just ride a bus going to Moalboal. The drop off point is the Moalboal Public Market. You can inform the driver or the conductor to drop you there. Then, you’ll need to ride a tricycle going to HK Basdaku. Hope this helped you. 😉

  12. Pat

    hi..! Good day ! I really want to visit the basdaku beach resort and right now we’re planning to visit along w/ my workmates there. Just wanna ask because all info that i’ve red above posted 🙂 are those still available? the entrance? cottages? etc… thanks and for ur reply 🙂 planning to visit there this April 29-20. we’re 18 or more people coming (hope so)

    have a great day !

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Pat. Yes, those are still available. Though the rates may have changed a bit since it was last summer when I went there. But still, the rates at Basdaku are affordable. They have large cottages and rooms that can accommodate more people. The place is really great for group activities and team building especially the island hopping and snorkeling.

      I hope you’ll enjoy your future visit in Moalboal!

  13. ana

    wala kaming tent my idea ka ba Magkano tent rental nila?from cebu city travel is 3h,mag boat pa ba papunta dun?tnx

    1. Author Post author

      I think the rental is around 500 pesos. No need to ride a boat. You’ll only need to ride a bus and a motorcycle. 🙂

      1. raymond bejoc

        hi. amh i just wanna as what if we have our own bus to get there. what do you think would that be a big problem?? do we still need to ride a motorcycle?would that be a difficuty for us para makaadtu sa basdako?

        1. Author Post author

          Hi Raymond. There would be no problem if you bring your own bus and you would no longer need to ride a motorcycle since the beach is accessible by cars. They also have a parking lot. 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, there are air-conditioned rooms in Basdaku. The rates are around 1500 – 3000 Pesos. For more details, you can contact them through the numbers I’ve given above.

  14. maryknoll

    i would like to ask if there are lodges or pension houses that costs below 1k or at least the price is 500 just for a stay?

    1. Author Post author

      There are rooms for rent beside HK resort that cost 1000 pesos per night. I’ve stayed there one time when HK was fully booked. The room has an electric fan and a private comfort room.

        1. Author Post author

          It’s not really a resort. They’re just offering rooms for rent. They’re located just beside Basdaku so it’s really okay even if you don’t rent a room at HK.

  15. stella

    pila ang entrace kay nag plan me this may moanha sa hk,pwede rami dili mo rent ud cottage kay naa man me tent

    1. Author Post author

      HK has security guards and yes, it’s safe there. In fact, there are many tourists in Basdaku. 🙂

      1. rich

        hi! i would like to ask if there are free or public shower rooms that can be use to those people who wont be renting rooms?

        1. Author Post author

          There are public bathrooms but I’m not sure if those are for free. If there’s payment, I think it’s only around 10 – 20 pesos.

  16. sweetine

    goodday!!knang Basdaku doul lang na sa Panagsama Beach resort??mga pila kha ka hour ang travel from Panagsama to Basdaku?tnx

    1. Author Post author

      Panagsama is relatively near from Basdaku. Travel time from Basdaku to Panagsama is around 30 minutes.

  17. jane rose rosaroso

    naa moy un number? para mkatawag mi kay smart man inyong number gud. pa reserve mi. nag planned mi nga mo ara sa inyong resort this coming may 19,2013

  18. iam101

    is there any room that can accomodate like 15 people? or whats the maximum occupants that can accomodate for a room???

    1. Author Post author

      They have large rooms but I’m not sure how many persons it can accommodate. But you can request for additional mattresses (with additional payment per head).

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Jonah. Their rates are around 1500 – 3000 Pesos. There are also other rooms for rate beside HK that are more affordable (around 900 – 1K)

  19. angela

    thanks for the info… this is a great help for our summer outing… very informative! KODUS! 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      They have a parking lot but it’s not that big… I think it can accommodate 1 bus but I’m not sure if you’ll bring more…

      1. Jho

        Hello …Im trying to contact HK Beach Resort today May 14,2013 because we are planning to have a company outing in your beach pls send your contact number or you may call us at 032-232-1655/ o9228596186…We need you reply ASAP…

        1. Author Post author

          Hi… Sorry but we’re not connected with HK… Just contact them using the number I’ve provided in my post above…

  20. ferwin

    hello we want to have a team building in your resort. Please text us back on this number 09322978382 so that we can have our reservation for May 25, 2013.
    Thank you very much…

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Ferwin. We’re not connected with HK. Just contact them using the number I’ve provided in my post above.

  21. jonathan

    hello, we are planning to go on May 25. Can u help me find a contact no. of HK Resort. I texted the mobile no. u gave 09194766385 but no response. We are 4 persons. We need 1 room that can accomodate 4 persons. Pls. give us info. Thanks.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Jonathan. Sorry but it’s the only number that I have. I checked the number and it’s ringing. Maybe you can try calling them?

  22. althea

    hi, i just want to ask if pila ang room per night if duha rami muh stay?
    and how much would be the cheapest foods there?

    1. Author Post author

      Their most affordable room (good for 2) is around 1500 pesos. For the food prices, please check their restaurant menu that I’ve posted above. There are also carinderias beside HK that sell affordable and delicious food.

  23. Sherly


    GoodDay mag inquire lang po how much for accommodation 3pax date will be aug 21 to 23 2013 hope we can hear response from you. thank you

    1. Author Post author

      Rooms (for three) are around 2000 pesos per night. Please contact HK through the number I’ve given above for more details.

      1. Sherly

        Hello Mam.

        One last question the 1500 room aircon po ba sya? and may mayrerecommend po ba kayong ibang place to stay. we on a tight budget po kasi. thank you so much for your blog. detailed and helpful! 🙂

        1. Author Post author

          Hi Sheryl.

          Yes, the 1500 room is air-conditioned and it’s good for two. I’m not sure if it’s okay for three persons to occupy the place but I think you’ll just need to pay for the extra head. When I went there, I haven’t really stayed at HK since it was fully booked but there are rooms for rent just beside HK (Left side of HK when facing the beach). It’s more affordable there and I only paid 900 pesos. It was just a fan room but it has a private bathroom.

          Good luck and thanks for the kind words!

      1. trixie

        Are the tents good for one day use/overnight use? Pag nagrent ba ko ng tent for 500php can i stay there for two days whitout having to pay another 500php?

  24. nikki

    good day po, gaano po kalayo ang moalboal sa city? nasa cebu po kasi kami ng aug 1-3, 2013, kasi po sa last day po namin sa cebu kami pupunta dun, ang balak po nmin, 5am kami mgstart ng byahe tapos by lunch balik cebu npo kami, my city tour pa po kasi kami, un po bang rates ng food, wla pa din pong changes? mgkano din po kaya ung rent ng tent? pwede din po kami mgdala ng sarili naming food? salamat po…

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Nikki. Moalboal is around three hours drive from Cebu City so just start traveling early so you’ll have time to enjoy the beach. The tents are around 500 pesos but there are also cottages that can be rented for around 200 pesos. And yes, you can bring your own food since there’s no corkage fee.

      1. nikki

        ..sir pasenxa na kayo, gusto po talaga namin mgpunta sa moal boal, pero ang layo po pala, kulang napo kami sa oras, may mas malapit po ba na beach na pwede po puntahan? pasenxa napo kayo at out of topic po ako, maraming salamat po

        1. Author Post author

          There are beach resorts in Lapu-Lapu that you can visit within 30 minutes to one hour. One of the most affordable beaches there is Portofino. But beaches near the city are not really as beautiful as the beaches in North & South Cebu.

  25. maria

    hello there i just want to ask if ilan yung capacity sa family room?were planning to have overnight stay this weekend po tapos were about 25pax.can we have affordable rooms lng?plss help guys,and need a contact info din po.thanks

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Maria. I’m not really sure about the room capacity. I think you’re going to need to rent around 3 to 5 rooms. There’s also additional payment for extra heads. You can contact HK Resort through the number that I’ve provided in my post above. Hope that helps.

  26. vanessa

    Hi there author! naa pai tent rental diha sa basdaku? if naa pila, and is it available for overnight stay? thanks!!! how about food? pwede ra mi mgdala? are there any additional charges if mgdala mig food??? :)) thanks!!

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, they had. I’m not sure if they still have tents for rent now. But you can bring your own tent.
      There’s no corkage fee and you can also rent grilling equipment from them.

  27. hammie

    hi! goodmorning ask if naa moy room na pang barkada mga 20 kapin me kabuok. magpa reserve unta meg ug room. then ask kog tag pila?

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Hammie. Sorry but we’re not connected with the resort. You can contact them through the phone number in my blog post above.

  28. MarNey

    ello. ask lng tani ko pila ang fare sa bus cebu to moalboal ? thnx.. by the way updated to ang number imung gi post sa HK ? thnx.

  29. Maria

    Hi! I just want to ask something. I hope you won’t mind. My friends would like to go there. We are 12 all in all. Are there cottages there that can accommodate our number? If so, how much do you think will it be? Thank you for taking time in answering me. Although technically I know you are a blogger and not the resort owner 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Marie. Thanks for visiting my site and for the comment. 🙂
      I think you’ll need to rent two rooms which will cost around 5000 pesos. Or you may also rent one room and just pay for the extra heads.

  30. Sophie

    Is the number of hk resort still the same? We are planning to go on Holy Week. How much is the motorcycle or tricycle rate? Would they accept reservation? And how will we pay? We plan to have a cottage only, is it ok for an overnyt stay?

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Sophie. I haven’t yet tried contacting their number again but they accept reservations and it’s really advisable to book a reservation first on peak seasons like the Holy Week. The motorcycle rate is around 20 pesos. It’s okay to only rent a cottage and you may also bring your own tent.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi. I haven’t yet visited the place this year. But you can try contacting them for the latest prices.

  31. bryle

    i just wanna ask if there’s a room good for 2?hw much?and if it’s fan or airconditioned? is this number 09194766385 still active?? please notify me thru my email….thnx

    1. Author Post author

      Hi. Not sure if it’s still active but you can try sending them a text message ’cause they also reply through text.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi. I’m not sure about their payment system. You can contact them and ask for their payment details. 🙂

      1. jhay

        Hi..,nag plan mi mag overnight sa bas daku resort., ba ghapon sa tag 200 nga cottage kung mag overnight?, or good for day use lng ba ang tag 200 nga cottage.,? Expecting for ur reply, thanks

  32. naj

    Hi is the place still ok? we are actually planning this coming saturday and its a bunch of friends unta with my gf and do they still have the same number?

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Analyn! I’m not really sure if the prices have changed. If there are price changes, I’m sure it’s just a few pesos since the place is known as a budget-friendly destination 🙂

      1. Raquel

        Hi gud am, unsa lain contact number ninyo, nagsige raman ug ring walay motubag ang 09194766385, kay mag inquire mi. By Dec. 10-12, 2015 3 days mi mag stay then 70 mi kabuok…please give me your another contact mobile or landline number?

  33. Maricel

    For the php2000 family room, how many persons can be accommodated? is the price good for 1 day or 1 night? also, how much are the rates for cooking equipment?

    1. Author Post author

      I’m not sure if there have been changes with the prices. You may try to contact them directly since we’re not connected with the resort.

        1. Author Post author

          What I mean is do not enter though resorts with entrance fees. Because there are entrances where you don’t have to pay anything and you can still have access and enjoy the entire beach.

    1. Author Post author

      I think the rooms are still there but I’m not sure if there have been changes with the prices. You may also bring your own tent.

  34. Anna

    Hello naay electricity outlets sud sa private nga air conditioned rooms? Naa pd ba cr inside the private rooms? Thanks

  35. Joyce Anne Ramas

    1. do you have a boat for rent for island hopping?
    2. a tent for rent?
    3. can we bring food? or even cook there if in case we will stay on a tent?

    1. Author Post author

      No, I don’t have a boat for island hopping because I’m just a travel blogger. But once you get there you will meet people offering island hopping services. You can bring your own tent but I’m not sure if there are enough tents for rent there.

      Yes you can bring and cook your own food.

  36. Jemuel


    pwede mag ask if naay cattage costs 800 below per night???
    nag plano unta mi mangaligo dha sa akong uyab next week

    thanks you

  37. trixie

    Are the tents good for one day use/overnight use? Pag nagrent ba ko ng tent for 500php can i stay there for two days whitout having to pay another 500php?

  38. Gerel ALbelda

    hi Good day!

    may landline # po ba ang HK.. aside from HK meron paka affordable rooms na pwd mag overnight 8persons and 6 kids. we are planning to overnight this coming saturday Oct. 1, 2016.

  39. Mits

    Hi. we are planning to have this weekend getaway. napili namo ang basdaku thanks to ur blog but i would like to clarify some infos sad knowing this was written years ago.
    may i ask if kanang merkado nga drop off area sa moal boal (nga namention nimo above) open paba na sya? and until now ara ba ghapon mi edrop if ever ?
    and also i would like to knw how much ang rent sa tents nila. 6 persons me.

    thank you kaayu. hopefully this will be answered.
    more power

    1. Author Post author

      The last time I went, the market was still open and there are motorcycles waiting for passengers. I think each tent costs around 500 pesos.

  40. John Stephen Z. Entia

    meron pa rin ba sila nong island hopping? magkano po yung latest price nila 😀 6-8person po kami.. THanks 😀

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, there’s still island hopping in Moalboal. I think it’s around 2,000 but it may depend on the season.

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