Crisologo Museum in Vigan Ilocos

Crisologo Museum in Vigan

Crisologo Museum in Vigan

The Crisologo Museum houses memorabilia for the late Congressman Floro S. Crisologo. He was assasinated on October 18, 1970 at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vigan. He also fought during the Vietnam War and inside the museum, we’ll see some of the uniforms he used during the war.

Touring the museum is exciting. There are a lot of creepy antiques that have historical stories to tell. The below images are what you’ll see inside:

Crisolog's uniform during the Vietnam War

These are some of the uniforms, helmets and shoes that Crisologo has worn during the Japanese and the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Bullets

Bullets from the Vietnam War

Rocket Shell - Crisolgo Museum

One of the six rocket shells that landed 18 ft behind the maintenance building

Carmeling Crisologo's office materials

This room contain’s Carmeling Crisologo’s, Floro’s wife, office materials as well as her office table

Carmeling Crisologo's antique typewriter

An Antique Typewriter Owned by Carmeling

Antique Chair and Jar - Crisologo Museum

An antique chair and a jar at the corner of the museum

Ambushed Car - Carmeling Crisologo

Carmeling Crisologo was riding this car when she was ambushed but survived on May 10, 1961 at Bacsil, San Juan, Ilocos Sur

Bullet - Ambushed Car

This is where one of the bullets has landed

Deformed Rim of the Ambushed Car

The Deformed Rim of the Ambushed Car

Calesa - Crisologo Museum

A Calesa

Caritela - Crisologo Museum




Library - Crisologo Museum

The Library

The next room that we are going to enter contains the clothes that Floro Crisologo was wearing when he was assasinated.

Crisologo's pants during assasination

The pair of pants that he was wearing when he was assasinated

Crisologo's shoes during assasination

The last pair of shoes that he has worn


Sunglasses of Crisologo during assasination

His sunglasses

The Names of the Members of the House of Representatives - Crisologo Museum

The Names of the Members of the House of Representatives

American Book Reports - Crisologo Museum

American Book Reports

The Dining Room - Crisologo Museum

The Dining Room

The Dirty Kitchen - Crisologo Museum

The Dirty Kitchen – Here, we’ll see antique things like the hanging refrigerator. The hanging refrigerator is not for cooling or preserving food. It’s where leftover food are kept in order to prevent mice and ants from crawling them.

A Wine Jar

A Wine Jar

Wooden Refrigerator

Wooden Refrigerator

Pig System Toilet

Pig System Toilet – Do you notice the chair with holes? That is where they used to poop…

Almario or Pillow Rack

Almario or Pillow Rack – It’s where all the pillows that are not in use are put

Antique Perfumes

Perfume collection found inside the master’s bedroom

The Master's Bed - Crisologo Museum

The Master’s Bed – In front of it is a baul where all important documents like marriage contracts are kept

Treasure Boxes - Crisologo Museum

Two treasure boxes found inside the master’s bedroom

Vincent Crisologo's Bedroom

Vincent Crisologo’s Bedroom – Vincent is Floro’s son

Antique TV - Crisologo Museum

An Antique TV – Do you notice that antique wooden Sony betamax player?

The last room in Crisologo Museum contains Carmeling’s clothe collection.

Wooden Refrigerator

Carmeling’s Gown Collection

Carmeling's Shoe Collection

Carmeling’s Shoe Collection

If you’re interested to visit another Museum in Vigan, the Syquia Mansion also has interesting stories and antiques.

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