Da Vinci’s Pizza Restaurant

Da Vinci's Pizza

Da Vinci’s Pizza in Cebu, IT Park

Pizzas, though Italian, have already become one of the Filipino’s favorite food. You can have pizza as snack or dinner. And although there are already famous pizza restaurants in the Philippines like Shakey’s and Pizza Hut, there are still a lot of good options like Da Vinci’s Pizza.

Cartoon Drawing of People Eating and Having Fun at Da Vinci's

Cartoon Drawing of People Eating and Having Fun at Da Vinci’s

Da Vinci’s is famous for its white sauce pizzas. One thing I like about the restaurant is they allow you to “Paint your own Pizza”. However, if you’re not good at choosing your own toppings, I suggest that you just choose one from their menu. I tried once and it was a total mess. 🙂

Da Vinci’s Pizza Menu

Tomato Sauce Pizzas - Da Vinci's  White Sauce Pizza's - Da Vinci  Premium Pizza's - Da Vinci's  Extra Toppings - Da Vinci's Pizza  Drinks   New Offers   Salo-Salo Together Meals


Whenever I’m bored and hungry, I order the following:

Roasted Beef Pizza - Da Vinci's

16 inch Roasted Beef Pizza Topped with Pineapple

Chicken Gusto

Chicken Gusto


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