Dubay Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Dubay Beach Resort in Panglao

Dubay Beach Resort

Panglao Island is among the mainĀ tourist attractions in Bohol notable due to its white powdery sand. The water is clear that you can see fish swim around you. Some of them may bite you though it doesn’t really hurt. One of your affordable choices in Panglao is Dubay Beach Resort.

Room Rates & Contact Number

All the rooms are air conditioned and have hot and cold showers and TVs. Free breakfast is also offered.

You can contact Dubay at 0917-841-3637

Dubay Beach Room Rates

They don’t really have a restaurant but the good thing is there’s no corkage fee so you can bring your own food. You may also opt to eat at the restaurants of the neighboring resorts. There’s a vidoeke beside this resort so this resort may not be appealing to you if you dislike noise. They also allow their guests to bring guitars or drums.

This can be understandable since Dubay is a budget resort. The place is a good choice if you just want to see the beauty of Panglao Island. And besides, you can just stroll around the area and the other resorts.

Walking beside the seashore during low tide is fun and relaxing at the same time. There are stunning sand bars and you can see some sea creatures under the water. I’ve also seen one snake. Just be careful because there are some sea urchins. Thankfully, the water is clear so it’s easy to spot them.

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