Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort is place where you can swim in pools with water that’s free from chlorine. They use the flowing water from the spring for their swimming pools. Theย entrance fee is 60 pesos per head and you can rent tables or cottages for 200 to 500 pesos.

The resort has five swimming pools and the water flows from the first pool to the last one. There are kiddie pools as well as deep swimming pools.


At the North Bus Terminal, ride a bus (usually a mini-bus) going to Carmen. The bus fare is around 50 pesos. Just tell the conductor to drop you off at Carmen Public Market. You can also easily see the market from the right side of the bus. Durano Eco Park doesn’t really have a restaurant or a place where you can buy food so you can just buy food from the market. Or alternatively, you can just bring your own food since there’sย no corkage fee.

Then, from the market, ride a tricycle going to the spring resort. The fare is 30 pesos per head. You can inform the driver to fetch you at a certain time.

Impressions with Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

As a nature lover, I was really excited about the place but I got disappointed due to the following reasons:

a) The crowd was overwhelming that there’s really not enough space to swim.

b) There was no water which is very ironic since it’s a spring resort. It really ruined my mood when I opened the toilet room and I saw someone’s dirt there. I haven’t eaten my lunch yet at that time. Plus I was thinking about how can I take a shower after swimming in the pools.

c) Lots of insects! You’ll really need insect repellent to avoid being bothered by pesky insects.

When I was in one of the pools, it somewhat smelled like urine so I immediately got out of the water. The truth is I only stayed at the place for an hour.

A kiddie pool and the first swimming pool at Durano Eco Park

A kiddie pool and the first swimming pool at Durano Eco Park

6 ft deep swimming pool

Swimming pool that’s around 6 ft deep

5 ft deep pool at Durano Eco Farm

4 to 5 ft deep swimming pool

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pool – the last pool at Durano Eco Park

Though I didn’t really enjoy swimming the resort, at least I’ve enjoyed some of the views there.

Durano Spring Resort

The Spring

Durano Rock Formations

Rock Formations

The spring looks nice but it’s nothing compared to the stunning blue river of Kawasan falls.

I hope that they’ll manage to improve the place someday. But if you’re going to ask me if I’ll visit the place again, my answer is no.

11 thoughts on “Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

  1. Dale

    What a shame that you couldn’t enjoy yourself at what looks like a great place.

    I’ve never swam in a freshwater pool before, only the 90% Chlorine, 10% water ones that I’m used to. It looks so blue too. What a shame.

    1. Author Post author

      Hahaha… I didn’t really enjoy the place because of the overwhelming crowd… There’s really no space for swimming… I think the place will really be better if there’ll be less people coming…

      Thanks for visiting! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Mark. They were building cottages the last time I went there a few months ago. But I’m not sure if those are already ready for use.

  2. Paul Durano

    Our first intention is to build a private resort and by local demand we give ordinary folks a chance to enjoy a simple resort at $1.50 entrance fee. And with regards to services we don’t expect people to be treated like in 5 Star Hotel. When it comes to sanitary it is the user responsibility to clean after and not the second person duty to clean the shit. And I think it is part of Filipino culture to throw trash all over the place. Don’t get me wrong it happens in the US too. I agree it is too crowded and it seems like entire Cebu is flocking to Durano Ecofarm. I don’t like it either when it is too crowded but we can not just turn down people who drive for hours just to enjoy the place. Hope you change your mind and give us another chance. We will be adding more tree house and expand the parking area. We are gradually improving everyday. Thank you.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, the place is really nice except when it’s too crowded. Maybe it’s because it was peak season when I went there. I’ll try visiting the place again when it’s not too crowded. I’ll surely visit the place again and write another review. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. AB

      Hi Paul,

      Assume you are American. Me too. I admire anyone who is willing to “take the plunge” and try to start a business in this country. Not an easy thing to do, and sure is hard to make everyone happy : )

      In any case, the place looks lovely and I would love to visit. Can you update the situation on the tree houses? Can they be reserved without going to your facebook account? I don’t have an account and don’t want one.

      Can we use a mobile number to contact you and/or reserve an overnight tree house?



  3. inday bunal

    This is not a good spot to enjoy because there are thieves, one afternoon on our way to our car. There are a group of people on the way home also claim that their motorcycle ignition switch (yawihanan) has been damage by someone who would like to stole the bike ( Gilugit ug screw driver). One of the bike was already turned on without the key inserted. I believe there was four motorcycle in there. My uncle also said that a month ago his bike have the same thing happen during their stay at Durano Eco Park. This is not advisable for overnight stay, Thanking it wast happen to our car.

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