Hidden Garden in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Hidden Garden in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Hidden Garden sells plants and clay pots they call as burnay jars. They have a chinese restaurant and a coffee shop as well. The clay pots can be used as decorations or as your plant pots. Eating in their restaurant is really awesome because of the lovely and relaxing environment. The landscape is properly designed and there are plants and flowers everywhere.

After eating or buying something, you can also stroll around the place. If you love plants or if you just want some fresh air, walking around the area would be really great. Aside from the plants and decorations, there are also animals in Hidden Garden like white cockatoos and gecko lizards.

Let’s take a look what’s inside:

The Grotto

Clay Pot Tower

The Entrance to the Garden

The Bonsai Corner

A Bonsai Tree

The Pathways in the Garden

Tables and Chairs with Some Millionaire’s Vines Hanging


The Bird Cage

The Elephant-Shaped Plant

The Well

The Nipa House

The Specialties of Lilong and Lilang’s Coffee Shop

The Restaurant Counter

Some Wine Bottles

A Statue

How to Get There

From Vigan city, you can rent a horse-carriage or kalesa just like when you’re going to Baluarte. When I went there, I first visited Baluarte then I told the driver to take me to Hidden Garden.

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