Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort

Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort

The hidden paradise is indeed a paradise hidden on mountains located in Brgy. Ilaya, San Fernando, Cebu. The mountain resort offers exciting activities. It also has three pools; one on the first level, another one on the second level, and the last one on the third level. While swimming, you will also get a nice view of mountains since the resort is built on a hillside.

The First Swimming Pool

The Second Swimming Pool

The Third Swimming Pool

How to Go to Hidden Paradise

From South Bus terminal in Cebu City, you can ride a bus of a V-hire going to San Fernando. Just tell the driver to drop you off on the street going to Hidden Paradise. The travel would take around 60 to 90 minute. From there, you need to ride a motorcycle going to paradise. The price is usually 50 pesos but may change depending on the season.

Since the resort is in a mountainous area, the road going there is quite rocky. This makes the place good for people who love nature and adventure.

The entrance fee is 100 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for 4 – 8 year old kids.

The Rooms

There are a lot of options so you can choose one that best suits your budget.

  • Executive Family Room (3, 500 Pesos) – 4 persons
  • Dormitory Room (3, 500 pesos) – 10 persons
  • De Luxe Room (2, 500 pesos) – 2 persons
  • Standard Room (1, 500 pesos) – 2 persons
  • Mini-Dormitory Room (1,500 pesos) – 4 persons
  • Family Native Room (1,400 pesos) – 6 persons
  • Native Row House (600 pesos) – 2 persons

The Fancy Rooms

Rooms on the Upper Part of the Resort

The Native Row Houses


  • Native Picnic Hut (300 pesos) – 10 persons
  • Table and Umbrella (150 pesos) – 4 persons


The activities that you can do in the mountain resort include monkey bridge walking and zip splash. It’s just like the typical zipline except that they drop you on a pool. So you really need to know how to swim in order to zip splash. And yeah, that’s the reason why I haven’t tried it.

They also have another amneties where you can play billiard or sing videoke songs.

Zip Splash

The Landscape of Hidden Paradise

Tables & Chairs near the Swimming Pool


They have a restaurant and they can also serve breakfasts. If you want to bring your own food, there’s a corkage fee of 35 pesos per head. You are also allowed to grill there which is really more fun.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort

  1. jeorgel aquino

    Hi.. i would like 2 ask if we want to spend overnyt there, is there specific tym?? For example if we arrived saturday at 3pm, what tym should we leave the nxt day??? Or its up 2 us untl wat tym we want 2 stay??

    1. Author Post author

      I believe they have a specific time for check-in and check-out. If I remember correctly, 2PM is the check-in time and 12PM is the check-out time. But if they don’t have guests I think you can check-in earlier.

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