Jo’s Chicken Inato Restaurant

Jo's Chicken Inato Restaurant

Jo’s Chicken Inato Restaurant in Osmeña Boulevard

These days, Mang Inasal is Philippines’ most popular barbecue restaurant. But before it, we already have Jo’s Chicken Inato Restaurant. Though the latter is only more popular in Visayas and Mindanao. It has been operating since the 1980’s. Thankfully, I’ve discovered the restaurant while I was strolling Osmeña Boulevard during one lazy afternoon.

They offer chicken barbecue with unlimited price and they have branches in Cebu, Ilo-Ilo, Dumaguete and Davao.

Jo's Chicken Inato Paa

Leche Flan

Iced Tea

Jo’s Inato’s chicken barbecue is really delicious and it’s far better than Mang Inasal’s. It’s juicy and every strand of meat is really tasty. The skin is also delectable and crispy unlike in Mang Inasal where the skin is burnt.

I’ve also ordered leche flan and its size is really big for its price. If you have companions, you can just order one liter of iced for 58 pesos so you can save money. Please click on the thumbnails below to check their menu:

Jo's Chicken Inato Menu  Jo's Chicken Inato Specialties

Food from Jo’s Chicken Inato is really great though I they need to improve the look of their place. The location, furniture and arrangement are good but the place looks old and dusty. I think they need to do regular cleaning to make the walls, tables and other furniture looks clean and shiny. It’s also better if they replace some old things with new ones.

They also need to improve the presentation of their utensils. Every time I eat there, I have to wipe my spoon and fork with tissue. It will really be a big plus if the plates, spoons and forks and glasses look clean and shiny.

But overall, I still recommend the place to everyone. The ambiance may not be that great but you’ll surely be satisfied with the food.

Jo's Chicken Inato Restaurant

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