Kulsina Seafood and Grill

Kulsina Seafood & Grill

Kulsina offers delicious and affordable Filipino food. They serve Filipino main dishes and desserts. The restaurant is just new and they only have one branch at the  moment which is located in JCentre Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu. When the restaurant just opened, they had free rice as a part of their promotional campaign. Right now, they no longer offer free rice but they do give free egg soup.

I love Kulsina for three reasons. I know you will also love it because of the following:

  • The ambiance is nice and relaxing – The place is not super fancy but not unfashionable as well. The restaurant can still be good for formal dinners. It’s also ideal for having dinner with your family and friends.
  • Delicious and affordable food – At Kulsina, you won’t need to spend much money to have a delicious meal in an elegant place.
  • Fast service – Well, the restaurant is just new, also JCentre Mall, so there’s not much people coming there yet. So, they can immediately take your orders and serve you really fast.

Their Advertisement on the Entrance

The Looks of Kulsina

The Tables and Chairs When Viewed from the Second Floor

The Smaller Tables - Not ideal if you will order lots of food 🙂

The Designs on the Ceiling

The Lights in Kulsina

The Counter of Kulsina

Some of the Food I’ve Ordered

Fried Squidders


Adobong Kangkong

Their main dishes are around 100 – 200 pesos while the drinks start from around 30 pesos. They also have unlimited rice.

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