Manna Sutukil Food House in Mactan

Manna Sutukil Restaurant

Manna Sutukil Food House

Sutukil is a cuisine in Cebu, Philippines where a fish is cooked into three different dishes — Su for sugba or grilled – Tu for tola or tinola and Kil for for kinilaw or kilawin. Sutukil restaurants are great seafood restaurants since they have live crabs, fish, lobsters and more. Aside from that, you can also choose how your seafood will be cooked.

If your in Mactan, one of the best SuTuKil restaurants is Manna Sutukil Food House. It’s just beside Mactan Shrine. Though there are other Sutukil restaurants beside Manna, I’ve observed that the food house has more customers so I was convinced to try eating there.

Manna Sutukil Food House

Manna Sutukil Restaurant

Manna Sutukil Food House have two floors. In the first floor, they have an air conditioned room. It’s best to eat there if the weather is hot especially during lunch time. Though, I personally prefer to eat in the second floor. From there, you’ll get a view of Mactan Shrine. The ambiance in the second floor during the sunset.

Manna Sutukil First Floor

First Floor of Manna Sutukil Food House

Air Conditioned Room at Manna Sutukil

The Air Conditioned Room

Manna Sutukil Food House 2nd Floor

2nd Floor at Manna Sutukil – This is where we can see the sun as it sets

Colorful Lantern Decorations

Colorful Lantern Decorations

Manna Sutukil Food House Review

Eating at Manna Sutukil Restaurant is quite expensive but it’s worth it for a family feast. Besides, there are also affordable options and you can choose whether you’ll only buy 1/4 or 1/2 kilo.

Buttered Garlic Shrimp

Buttered Garlic Shrimp – I loved how they mixed the butter & garlic (nanunuot sa laman ang sarap)

Shells Soup

Shells Soup – Sabaw pa lang ulam na!

Grilled Squid

Grilled Squid – I loved that it’s stuffed with lots of delicious spices. However, it’s quite slimy and I hope they had grilled it more.

Mango Shake & Iced Tea - the shake is one of the best tasting mango shakes I've ever tasted

Mango Shake & Iced Tea – the shake is one of the best tasting mango shakes I’ve ever tasted

Overall, you’ll get from Manna Sutukil Food House a great seafood experience plus a relaxing, calm and pollution-free environment. It’s great to dine at Manna’s with your family during special occasions and events.

Manna Sutukil at Night

View of Manna Sutukil from Mactan Shrine at Night

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      The food at Manna Sutukil is really delicious especially the shrimps and the sweet and sour fish. 😉
      Thanks for visiting Andrea.

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