Matias’ Barbecue Food Haus in Mandaue

Matias' Barbecue Food Haus in AS Fortuna, Mandaue

Matias’ Inato Food Haus

Grilled chicken or meat, commonly called as barbecue, is a favorite food of many Filipinos. And because of this, lots of barbecue restaurants can be found in the country. In Cebu, particularly along AS Fortuna Street in Mandaue City, Matias’ Food Haus stands out from the rest.

With its relaxing atmosphere, you will enjoy eating barbecue more. They have star apple trees and the tables and chairs are placed under the trees. Eating beneath the trees is really fun and appetizing. They also sell shakes (mango or avocado) for around 45 pesos that are a perfect match for grilled food.

Grilled Chicken at Matias Food Haus

Puso or Hanging Rice

Grilled Chicken with Puso at Matias

Their grilled chicken or barbecue tastes really great. Eating grilled chicken with savory sauce that’s dipped in spicy soy sauce is one of the best food experiences that you can try in the Philippines.

The only concern in the barbecue restaurant is their system which may cause you to wait long before your food is served. To order your food, you will first choose the items that you want to be cooked for you. Then you’ll just wait for their staff to approach you on your seat – no table numbers will be given. The staff will ask you about what items you’ve ordered so the could deliver it to you once cooked. The problem is, if there are lots of people especially during lunch and dinner time, it would be hard for them to remember who ordered what since there are no table numbers. The result is, you’re going to have to follow-up with them a lot of times. I’ve even experienced waiting for my order for almost an hour.

My technique is I just go there when there are only few people around three in the afternoon. And despite of all the hassles that you might experience in Matias Barbecue Restaurant, going there is still worth it. An awesome ambience plus amazing food will really satisfy your hunger.

Matias Barbecue Restaurant

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