Slam’s Garden Beach & Resort in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island – Cebu

Malapascua Island, with white sand beaches and crystal clear water, is a perfect place for beach vacations if you want to be relieved from stress and leave all the worries in the city. If Oslob is famous for whale shark watching, Malpascua is also known for thresher shark watching.

Sting rays and hammerhead sharks are also among the common visitors in the island that’s why it’s a favorite hub of divers. There are also boats for rent if you want to go snorkeling. Payment is 500 pesos for two persons and 1000 pesos for more than two persons. Complete snorkeling equipment will already be provided.

How to Go to Malapascua Island

From Cebu North Bus Terminal, ride a bus headed to Maya Port via Daan Bantayan. Maya Port is the last bus stop. Malapascua is just 15 to 20 minutes away from the port so they only use boats. Be sure to come early since they won’t travel if they don’t have passengers. Malapascua is just a small island so once you reach the place, the beach resorts are only one minute walk from the docking area.

Slam’s Garden and Beach Resort

Slam's Garden & Beach Resort - Malapascua Isand

Slam’s Garden & Beach Resort

Slam’s Garden and Beach Resort is one of the resorts there and was my choice when I visited the island. I’ve rented a fan room worth 1500 pesos per night. The room is really a lot better than the room I’ve rented in Lagunde Beach Resort in Oslob considering that I’ve paid the same amount.

The door, windows, floor, bed and furniture are all clean and in good condition. They even provide a safety lock for your money and valuables. The restroom is also great and there’s a partition between the toilet and the shower area. They even have a clean lavatory. Towels and basic toiletries are also provided.

They resort also has a bar and a restaurant. I’ve tried eating at their restaurant for breakfast and I loved the food so I recommend the restaurant to future visitors.

Contact Information:

Telephone Numbers: (00-63) 905 343 3495 & (00-630 926 785 3743


The only drawback of the resort is it’s not really a beachfront resort. You’ll have to walk for a few minutes in order to get to the better side of the beach for swimming. The best beachfront resorts are located in bounty beach. However, I still enjoyed my stay at Slam’s Resort because of the good accommodation and service.

Sun Chairs at Slam's Garden & Resort in Malapascua

Sun Chairs at Slam’s Garden & Beach Resort

Malapascua Island

The island is not that quiet and boring and not really noisy so it’s good for people who want a fun and relaxing vacation. The only problem I see is there are too much seaweeds growing and they destroy what could have been great sand bars during low-tide.

Nevertheless, the place is still nice and there are fish even in the shallow part of the sea.

Coconut Trees in Malapascua Island

Coconut Trees in Malapascua Island

Tourists in Malapascua Island

Some Korean tourists enjoying the place…

Floating Bar in Malapascua Island

A Floating Bar

Boat and Palm Trees in Malapascua

A cinematic shot of a boat and palm trees in Malapascua

Malapascua Island White Sand Beach

The White Sands and Clear Water of Malapascua Island

Passenger Boat in Malapascua

Just a passenger boat…

White Sands in Malapascua Island

White Sands in Malapascua

Bounty Beach

Bounty Beach is a part of Malapascua Island where there is a wider stretch of white sand. The sand in this area is also finer. The following among the best resorts in bounty beach:

Cocobana Beach Resort in Malapascua

Cocobana Beach Resort

Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort in Malapascua

Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort

Malapascua Legend Water Dive & Resort

Malapascua Legend Water Dive & Resort


There are many restaurants in the island but the most affordable place is Mabuhay Food Restaurant. Their main dishes are around 95 pesos. The food was just average but the mango shake served to me was tasteless. The service is also very slow and my order arrived after 45 minutes. There were lots of flies and the staff does nothing about it. The table cloth was also dirty.

Mabuhay Food Restaurant in Malapascua

Mabuhay Food Restaurant – They offer buffer dinner every 6 to 10 PM

Aside from the restaurant at Slam’s Garden & Beach Resort, I could also recommend the restaurant at Exotic Dive Resort. They offer European and Asian food and the ambience there is really nice especially at night.

Going home…

I’ve had a great and fun vacation at Malapascua and leaving the island was hard. I’ve had a lot good memories that I will always treasure.

Malapascua Island in Cebu

View of the island from the boat while we’re leaving…

11 thoughts on “Slam’s Garden Beach & Resort in Malapascua Island

  1. Marcia

    What a beautiful island! I can see why it was hard for you to leave.
    The beaches seem deserted, which is how i like them. I like having time to stroll the beach, look for shells and think.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. And thanks for taking me to Malapascua. I’ll now add that to my ever expanding list of places to visit! The Philippines is so stunningly beautiful!

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Marcia. Thank you too for visiting my blog and for the kind words.
      It’s really fun to stroll the beach and pick shells especially during low-tide. There are also cute sea creatures around. I saw some starfish, sea urchins and small fish. 🙂
      I hope you can visit the Philippines soon.

  2. budget jan

    The water is so blue and inviting. Slams Garden Beach Resort sounds like our kind of place. The photos of the floating bar and Mabuhay Food Restaurant, make me wish I were there 🙂



    pwede mangutana, pila ang bus fare from north bus terminal to maya port?? how much is the boat fare from maya port to the island???


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