STK Ta Bay! Sa Paolito’s Seafood House

STK Ta Bay!

STK Ta Bay! Sa Paolito’s Seafood House

STK Ta Bay is a restaurant offering home-cooked Filipino meals in the Queen City of the South. Seafood meals and barbecues are their specialties. What sets them apart from the other restaurants in the city is its homey ambiance since it’s an ancestral house converted to a restaurant. The place is intricately designed with antiques giving customers a classical feeling.

Location: 6 Orchid St., Capitol Site, Cebu City

Contact Numbers: 2562700 & 253472

STK Ta Bay! Menu

STK Ta Bay Menu      


Among their best sellers are tuna panga, baked scallops and sizzling gambas. Below are some of the meals I’ve enjoyed at the restaurant:

Fried Shrimps in Palangganita

Tuna Bicol Express

Just like Bucket Shrimps, STK ta Bay also serves shrimps in bucket or palangganita except that their shrimps are cooked fried. STK also just sits beside the said restaurant. Between the two, I’d recommend STK. Aside from more food options, food in STK also taste better than the ones served in the other restaurant. Bucket shrimps also don’t have a closed air conditioned room so it can get really hot especially during noontime. Sometimes, you’ll also get a hard time shooing away flies. Whereas  in STK ta Bay, you’ll be in a room elegantly designed with antiques.

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