Sugar Beach Resort in Bantayan Island

Sugar Beach Resort

Sugar Beach Resort in Bantayan Island

Bantayan island has some of the finest white sand beaches in the Philippines. And if you’re in Bantayan, Sugar Beach Resort is one of the good choices. The resort may not be a five star hotel as they don’t have elegant furniture and lavishly designed rooms; but if you’re after a beautiful white sand beach, you’ll be happy staying at Sugar Beach.

They have a big area which can hold events like company parties. When I went there, there was also a couple who chose the place as their wedding reception. They also have a karaoke room for those who love to sing.

When compared to Moalboal Basdaku, this beach resort is better because the sand in Sugar beach is finer and powdery like polvoron. Aside from that, there are really no rocks in the sea that could hurt your feet when you swim.

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Directions and Contact Numbers

At the North bus terminal, near SM, ride a bus going to Hagnaya. The fair is usually 132 pesos but the price may change depending on the season. The last bus stop going to Hagnaya is their terminal and from there, you can also find their seaport. Upon arriving, buy a ticket going to Sta Fe. Here are the schedules of the two shipping lines that you can ride:

Island Shipping Schedule

Island Shipping Schedule

Super Shuttle Ferry Schedule

Super Shuttle Ferry Schedule

To reserve a room in advance, you can contact Sugar beach through these numbers:

  • +639217755058
  • +639183710627


Here is a list of their room prices:

Room Rates of Sugar Beach

Room Rates

Their most affordabe room is the fan room (700 Pesos per night and with own CR). It also has tables and chairs in front of the room so it would be okay if you no longer rent a cottage.

Air Conditioned Rooms

Air Conditioned Rooms

Fan Rooms

Fan Rooms


There’s no corkage in Sugar Beach so you can bring your own food. The only drawback here is they don’t have a restaurant nor a canteen. However, you can buy from the market and let their staff cook it for you. The price is 50 pesos per dish. Sometimes, if they have stock you can also buy fish from them.

There are also lots of restaurants in the market where you can eat. One of the bests there is CouCou Bar Restaurant.

Things I Liked About Sugar Beach

  • Great beach experience at an affordable price
  • The seawater is not that painful in the eye
  • Wide white sand shore
  • Peaceful surrounding

Things I Didn’t Like About Sugar Beach

  • Dogs! I love dogs but I just don’t like seeing them in beach resorts. I never want to see a dog pooping in the seashore as it will just destroy the moment. I think it is NEVER a good idea to take care of and raise dogs in a beach resort.
  • Garbage – Although there’s not much garbage there, it’s still sad and frustrating to see few plastics floating on the water and on the shore. They need to require their staff to clean those.
  • Since they have a beach resort, it would be sensible if they build a restaurant or even just a canteen. It would be a lot more convenient for guests to just eat there instead of going to the market.
  • Bermuda grass on the sand – It’s absolutely okay to have some bermuda grass planted in some parts of the resort. But as you see, the white sand is really nice so I don’t understand why they need to plant bermuda in this part of the resort. I hope they remove it soon.

Things I Didn’t Like About the Other Guests

  • I really hate the guests who don’t have discipline and think that it’s okay to just throw their trash and leave their mess anywhere. Bantayan island is a really beautiful place and it will be a big LOSS if it gets destroyed because of garbage. Sugar beach needs to have a strict policy about garbage disposal.
  • I don’t see why others see the sea as a large sink. I’ve seen some guests who rinsed their tables after their party. That’s totally gross and disgusting for those swimming at that time. So again, the management needs to have a strict rule about this.

Will I Go Back to Sugar Beach?

The answer is a big YES. The beach resort is really nice and it would be a lot better if they could fix the things I don’t like about it. I had a great time swimming there.

Another resort that you can visit in Bantayan island is Budyong Beach Resort. It’s just walking distance from Sugar beach.

37 thoughts on “Sugar Beach Resort in Bantayan Island

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Chona… Their beach front rooms for three persons are around 1500 to 3000 Pesos. You can contact them through the numbers I’ve posted above.

    2. Grace

      Hi 🙂 I just want to ask if would that be fine if were going to bring our own tent even without reserving a room ? because we are planning to have a team outing .
      Thanks and More Power 🙂

      1. Author Post author

        I think it’s okay. You can go to the beach for free as long as you don’t enter through their gate. Sugar Beach looked now abandoned when I went there last summer.

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, it consists of one big room. I’m not sure how many beds are in the room but I think you can request for an extra. You can contact them through the numbers I’ve provided above.

  1. zen

    hi i just want to ask about the tent.. if we’l stay there for like 2 nights using our tent do we have to pay 250 pesos for our large tent every night..??thanks.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Zen. Sorry, I’m not sure if you need to pay 250 pay night. For more info, you can text or call them through the numbers I’ve provided above.

  2. Nichole M.

    Hi. The information provided is greatly appreciated. We were planning to go to Bantayan probably by the end of the month and Ive heard of one Kota beach in the area. Any idea w/regards the resort? Many Thanks.

    …we are from Bacolod and we plan to take a trip to Sagay and from there take a ferry boat or something for Bantayan. Any tips pls. best regard.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Nichole. Thanks for visiting. Kota Beach is just beside Budyong. They have a nice beachfront view so it’s nice if you’ll rent a beachfront room with a porch so you could enjoy the view. The rooms are a bit outdated but it won’t be a big deal if you’re after a nice white sand beach. They also offer towels and toiletries.

      For the food, they have a restaurant. The prices are just reasonable but there’s not much food choice and the taste is just okay. However, there are restaurants in the market. The market is near from the resort and you can just ride a tricycle. The fare is usually 30 pesos so be careful with drivers who charge more. The technique is if you already know how much to pay do not ask the driver again because they will just ask for more.

      I hope this will help you. Have a blessed trip! 🙂

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, I think they offer wedding packages. When I went there, there was a couple who celebrated their wedding there.

  3. maui

    hi maam..

    taga cebu ko pero di,i ko sweto how to get there? pls help pila tanan ang magasto including transportations and rooms..ok ra nag fan room?


    1. Author Post author

      Hi Maui. Just read the directions on how to go to Bantayan Island that I’ve posted above. 🙂 The schedules of the shipping lines going to Bantayan are also posted above.
      Transportation expenses is around 500 pesos back and forth. The fan room is okay since it’s not really hot there and it’s only around 700 pesos per night. If you want to save you can also bring your own food. Hope that helps. 😉

  4. Perry

    They have the most beautiful beach in Bantayan Island but their Cottages are the dirtiest and smelly of all. We went there in May 2013 and we found that their toilets don’t have seats, rooms are very dirty, room air conditioner louvers and vent are clog with dirt and lent, toilet rooms do not have doors and the entire rooms smells mildew and molds. We ended up staying at the Marlin Beach Resort.

    The Sugar Beach Resort is a disgrace to tourist coming from abroad. This place is going to be bankrupt if the management don’t hire a trained hotel management person. The Philippine Government should not allow this place to operate until they meet international standards for operating a resort. This place does not have a restaurant too. Good luck to those who want to stay at the Sugar Beach Resort.

    1. Author Post author

      Sorry to know that you were disappointed with Sugar Beach. But just like what I’ve mentioned above and what you’ve said in your comment, they have the most beautiful beach in Banatayan. So, if people are after a nice white sand beach, they’ll surely love Sugar Beach. Also, the market is just 10 minutes away from the resort and there’s also no corkage fee.
      But I also hope that they’ll improve their rooms and service for the comfort of their guests. Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

  5. ronald

    i just wanna ask how much would it cost for 12 people in a room and what would be the best type of room you can reccommend for us….thanks

  6. MarieDove


    Thanks for formative information. How much is the entrance per person in sugar beach? We’re planning to visit with my family for a day only.

  7. Stupid dogs in Bantayan

    The dog crap and garbage in the water has ruined my vacation to PH. I say kill all of the dogs and this can be a great spot

    1. Author Post author

      This is actually the problem. Bantayan is a great place but they need to maintain its cleanliness. We also found crap floating in the water the last time we went there.

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