Best Weekend Getaways – 6 Affordable, US and International Destinations

If you have a long weekend coming up and want to take advantage of that extra day off, why not go on a trip for a few days? What’s the point in staying at home when there are so many places waiting to be explored? These days, travel doesn’t involve a lot of advance planning. You can throw together a two or three day itinerary very easily. There might be some last minute deals for you to snatch up as well. Where should you go? Here are some of the best weekend getaways right now (domestic):

Tucson, Arizona

If you don’t mind the desert heat, Tucson is a nice, affordable place to visit. There is a lot to do outdoors, like visiting the Saguaro National Park and checking out the Barrio Historico. Head to the Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum to see native plants and animals in a stunning landscape. It’s VERY easy to find a nice hotel in this city for under $100 a night.

Kansas City, MO

Right in the middle of America, Kansas City is an affordable destination that offers a lot of fun for a weekend getaway. Many of the attractions like the art museum are free to visit. If you’re a sports fan, head to the Kauffman Stadium or Arrowhead Stadium to catch a game.

Austin, TX

One of the best weekend getaways in Texas is the city of Austin. It’s especially fun to visit if you love music. On Sixth Street you will find both famous bands and new bands performing their best songs. Go to the Austin Zoo if you want to see all types of creatures: scaled, furry, and feathered. There are many budget hotels with free breakfast.

Here are a of the best weekend getaways in international destinations:

Guadalajara, Mexico

This is a cheap destination if you are flying out of a major US city. There is no shortage of affordable accommodation. It’s usually cheaper if you opt for a vacation package that includes airfare and a hotel room both. There are many fun things to do, like exploring the cultural institutions such as the Museo Huichol Wixarica de Zapopan the Clemente Orozco Museum.

Brussels, Belgium

Airlines such as WOWAir offer affordable airfare to European destinations. Brussels in particular is an affordable getaway, featuring 500+ hotels. It’s easy to find a four star hotel for $100 or less a night. This beautiful, historic city is definitely worth visiting.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

While there are many affordable destinations in the Caribbean, the best weekend getaways right now are in Santo Domingo. Airfare, accommodation, food, and activities will suit any budget. This city is a mix of modern Latin flair and old world charm. You’ll find an amazing blend of historic fortresses and palaces mixed with 21st century shopping and nightlife.

Let travel websites be your top source for finding the best weekend getaways and travel discounts. Whether you already have a destination in mind or want to browse all of the current deals, there might be an online discount code that you can use to save even more.

Bean Dip Confiscated at Los Angeles International Airport

Bean Dip Confiscated At Lax

Bean Dip Explosive! Government Now Protecting Us From Bean Dip.

Bean Dip Dangerous. Bean Dip a Terrorist Threat!

Three small sealed cans of Frito-Lay Bean Dip were confiscated by Transportation Security Agents at Los Angeles International Airport this week. The agents considered the bean dip a “paste” and dangerous according to the agent and their supervisors.

Harris and Patricia Angell were flying from LAX to New York and on to US Virgin Islands where they live. The Angells are originally from Southern California and love Mexican food. They cannot get bean dip on island. Harris brings a few cans back when he visits California during the holidays. He especially wanted them for the playoff football games and Super Bowl.

The Angells originally packed the bean dip in their checked luggage. Their checked luggage was over by a pound or so, and they were told to remove something. They removed the bean dip and placed the cans in their carry-on luggage. The Ticket Agent watched and gave no warning.

At the security check point, the TSA agent pulled the cans and asked another TSA agent about them but neither knew anything. The first agent checked with a supervisor. Jokes were made that one agent had some chips in the back and we could all have a party. The Angells were amenable to that rather than lose the bean dip, but the agent did not allow that either. The first agent came back and apologetically told the Angells that they could not take their bean dip in their carry-on. It was a “PASTE”. They could check it, but their bags were already in process. They could give it to someone to keep or mail for them, but the line was about 100 deep and their party had left. Many people watched while the cans were thrown into the trash bucket!

Harris Angell quipped that he could just hear the comedy shows making remarks like,

“Bean Dip Explosive!” “Government now protecting us from bean dip!” “Bean Dip Dangerous!” “Bean Dip a Terrorist Threat!” Angell added and laughed, “Perhaps, we could have packed it in three ounce jars in a one quart bag, eaten it all on the plane in closed quarters. Then the airlines would have a larger problem, toxic gas!”

Advantages of Online International Flight Booking

A few years back, air travel was a luxury thought of only by the elite class. Things have changed with time and with the decreasing rates of the airline tickets, it has become just another way of commuting to far away places. In the recent years, even going abroad has been made easier with the cost-effective international airfares. International flight booking can be done in a number of ways but in this World Wide Web age, online booking is the safest, the quickest, and the cheapest. Read on to find the advantages of online flight booking especially for Gulf Air.

Gulf Air has its ticket booking counter operating through online, just like various other airline services. With the airline reservation converting to online reservation services, it just takes a few minutes to complete the process. The first advantage of online international flightbooking is that you do not have to any physical counter or look for an agent to make the reservation. All you need is to log on to a website where you can book tickets for Gulf Air.

One of the advantages of online international flight booking is the amount of money you can save. Airfares literally change every day because the airlines such as Gulf Air keep a track of how many tickets have been sold. As the departure date comes near and the seats are still empty, the air tickets are sold at a cheaper rate to attract more customers.

Similarly, you can make international flight booking at a really cheap cost if you can plan your trip much in advance. Always remember the more urgency you show, the more you will have to pay. It is also advisable to be a little flexible in choosing your dates and destination. This further helps in saving money. Another benefit of online international flight booking is that when you e-book air tickets, you get special discounts on certain hotel booking too.

Moreover, one can also look for an agent on the Internet to make international flight booking for airlines like Gulf Air, US Airways, United Airlines, Air France, and other. There are certain websites that deal solely in airline ticket booking and hotel bookings. In a nutshell, they take care of all the nuances of planning a holiday and making proper reservations, keeping in mind your standards of comfort and necessities.

Online international flight booking is an advantageous step while planning a holiday. It not only saves money but also saves a lot of time and effort!