The Pros and Cons of Travelling Around

Traveling itself is a complete experience that cannot be described in mere words and when you have been experiencing a delightful life while traveling the most amazing cities worldwide, you know what it feels like becoming a nomad. The spectacular world of traveling consist of many emotions and experiences and like anything else in the world, traveling itself has both pros and cons. So, here we are, bringing you the best of experiences to you and giving you both pros and cons of traveling around the world that will give you a perfect picture of what a traveler goes through whilst exploring different hues of the world:


Exploring the Real History

Traveling is a splendid way for exploring and understanding the history and heritage of cities and civilizations around the world without any filter or discrimination. The human heritage is immense and there is no way you can learn it all by staying at home or going through a bunch of books. Thus, traveling exposes you to know a lot about the history of different civilizations with many examples and tangible remains.


Difficulties in Accessibility

As you go to these remote places that are rich in the history and are ancient like in Athens and Cambodia, you have to go through a lot that comprises poor roads, less phone networks, limited supplies of food and drinkable water, unknown factors, lot of time and much more which is something that make many people. Thus, when it comes to exploring the real history and visiting the historical sites, you have to face some difficulties in accessibilities.


Gourmet Delight

There are many people who love to travel only because it gives them the chance to tasting some of the most delicious and authentic dishes from various cultures and gastronomies. With every culture, you get to taste something different and unique where some of the dishes are really bizarre whereas some are extremely popular. Thus, it is a splendid experience who love to experiment when it comes to food.


Dietary Problems

There are many people who have their diet related problems such as vegetarians or people who are on certain type of food due to some health related issues. For these sort of people, it is hard to find something suitable while traveling to different places and give them some trouble to find some quality food with good taste in good hours at a reasonable price. Hence, if you are on some specific type of diet, it is highly unlikely that you will find traveling as amusing as other people do.


Visiting your dream destination

Many of us have our elders who have shared some great stories, just say of civil war or Vietnam Wars and how they were the heroes of the time. These stories might have given you the dream of visiting these places where they cherished those priceless memories and gave you some of the most important experiences of life. Thus, traveling worldwide gives you the perfect opportunity to witness your favorite place and offer you the inspiration you seek in your life.


Travel Documents Issues

There are many cities that don’t offer visa on arrival or have difficult procedures to follow with specific criteria to get the visas and approval to travel to certain cities and parts of the world. Also, in case, you get some special flight deals for a certain period on a very last moment, you won’t be able to use them as these many places require some pre-approval on travel documents, vaccinations and much more. Thus, immediate planning and hard visa procedures makes it difficult for international travel.


Exploring the Wonder of the World

There are many star cities around the world like London, Paris, New York, Cairo, Milan, Agra, Beijing, Dubai and many more that have a huge fan following and thousands of people have these names in their travel bucket list. Traveling abroad gives them all a perfect opportunity to live their dreams and take-off the names of these destinations from their travel bucket list with a magnificent array of experiences and delights that are impossible to be found elsewhere.


Cost of Traveling

Traveling to international destinations especially for those that have been visited frequently throughout the year by tourists is really hard on tight budget and can make you spend a good fortune on airfares, hotel accommodations, sightseeing, activities and more. Thus, traveling abroad is an expensive experience if you are not good at getting your hands on some awesome and affordable travel deals that can help you save a fortune on flight tickets and other travel related expenses.


Traveling is among the most spellbinding and enthralling experience in the world and regardless of what pros and cons many people have been experiencing, there is something much more than the inconvenience that one have to face during their trip. So, if you have the zeal of traveling and overlooking some small issues that won’t be bothering that much during your voyage, then you are all good to go and explore some of the most amazing cities. All you need is to pack your bags up and board international flights to your favorite destination and get ready for an extremely indulging learning, marvelous experiences and thriving journey that will expose you with the beautiful truth of life.

Continental Airlines and Passenger Comfort

Continental Airlines has been serving customers with superior class and efficiency for decades, and recently merged with United Airlines to expand their offerings even further across the globe. Having made a reputation for itself based on customer service, the airline still maintains the basic tenets of its philosophy and espouses a customer-focused airline experience. This is one of the many reasons why the airline strives to rank so highly in polls on passenger comfort.

One feature that they provide to improve the passenger’s experience is additional leg-room. They provide ample space for travelers to recline and extend their legs to more natural lengths by lowering the number of overall seats onboard. With fewer seats, there is more space between rows and therefore, more space for each individual. Another feature added to improve passenger comfort was the Flat-Bed seat. This seat extends horizontally and creates a more fully-reclined seating position to improve the quality of sleep by mimicking the shape of a bed. These seats are great for long flights and international travel, where time-zone changes make it difficult to stay on a comfortable sleep schedule. They are currently available in about 40 different airplanes and there are plans for every plane to have them in coming years.

Continental has received numerous awards over the years and many of them are related to their pursuit of passenger comfort. In the last decade, they’ve received a number of top marks from international critics and most of them are related to the extra efforts made in comfort. For 17 years, the Conde Nast Traveler rated Continental the best U.S. airline for trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific travel. These types of flights are the longest and most physically draining of airline travel, due to the lengthy travel times. Clearly, the extra effort made for passenger comfort is especially important in these types of flights and customers will recognize this. The Zagat Airline Survey ranked Continental among the best International airlines for the price in 2009, and in 2008, they ranked it best large domestic airline for its premium seating features, including the Flat-Bed seat.

Most airlines are designed with the intent to get their customers from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. But sometimes, efficiency isn’t enough. With so many choices for airlines and airplanes, the little touches make a huge difference. So many people choose Continental because it’s a company that believes in customer service and appreciation. If you have to get across the world, and there are so many options for how to do it, wouldn’t you choose the most comfortable one? Combined with their affordable pricing and international network, choosing Continental to take you across the globe is a decision to travel with comfort and class.

JetBlue Tickets and Operations

JetBlue Airways is a domestic United States airline that began operations in 2000 and now serves over sixty destinations in 22 states. It’s corporate headquarters is in Queens, New York City with its main hub at John F. Kennedy International Airports Terminal 5.

The JetBlue operation centres on various focus airports throughout the United States. These consist of Long Beach Airport, Logan International Airport, Hollywood International Airport (in Fort Lauderdale), Orlando International Airport and Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico.

In addition to these focus airports, JetBlue has considerable operations at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, McCarren International Airport, Las Vegas, Oakland Airport (close to San Francisco), Southwest Florida Airport and Washington Dulles Airport.

Although for the most part a domestic airline, JetBlue flies to eleven countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Formed by ex-Southwest Airlines employees, despite being a budget airline JetBlue seeks to offer a premium in-flight entertainment experience via their DIRECTV system. This provides personal screens offering over thirty channels of content including games, movies and music. Passenger comfort is also improved by offering a superior seat pitch, with the front cabin of their Airbus A320 aircraft boasting a 38 inch pitch per seat.

Fee Free JetBlue tickets

Flight tickets can be purchased either on the internet or by phone. The fuss-free way is online as this avoids the $15 surcharge when booking by phone. Booking more than eight tickets can only be made by telephone, although the $15 fee is not applicable in these circumstances. When booking less than eight tickets by phone, a fee-free JetBlue ticket booking is possible by using either a JetBlue Travel Certificate or Jet Blue Gift Card to pay.

To reschedule or cancel non-refundable tickets, a $100 per ticket charge is applicable. If a non-refundable flight ticket is not used, all money associated with the ticket is forfeited.

In the case of refundable tickets, no penalty is imposed if a change or cancellation is made prior to the scheduled departure. If the flight is not taken, all money associated with the ticket can be placed on a JetBlue air-only credit for future Jet Blue tickets, valid for one year from date of issue.

JetBlue Airlines Check In

JetBlue offers all customers a Web Check-In service that can be used from 24 hours up to 90 minutes before scheduled departure.

JetBlue TrueBlue

TrueBlue is the name of the airlines frequent-flyer program. Prior to its an overhaul in 2009, TrueBlue provided members with two, four or six points depending on the distance of travel, whilst double points were awarded for flights booked online.

Following the September 2009 revamp, JetBlue altered the way in which points were awarded from a distance based system to a value based system. Members now earn three points for every dollar spent on a ticket with the points doubled to six for online bookings. All figures upon which points are awarded exclude taxes and fees. Also, members need to fly with JetBlue at least once every year to keep points active.