Tourist Spots in Tagaytay

The astonishing scenic view of Taal Lake and Volcano made Tagaytay one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the Philippines. Aside from the stunning view, the laid back lifestyle and the fresh air in Tagaytay make it a nice place for retreat. Tagaytay is just a small place that you can tour it in […]

Obong Spring in Dalaguete

Obong Spring Dalaguete

Obong Cold Spring in Dalaguete is one of your best choices if you’re looking for an affordable yet great place to beat the scorching heat of the sun. If you really need to cool yourself, you’ll surely love the ice cold water of Obong Spring. This place is for the backpacker who loves nature and […]

Why Bano Beach Resort’s Customer Service Needs Improvement

Just like any other employee, I was really excited and looking forward for the Holy Week. It’s one of the few moments when I get the chance to have a long weekend and get a good vacation. And knowing that Holy Week is a peak season, I already planned my vacation in Camotes in March. […]

Bano Beach Resort in Camotes Island

Bano Beach Camotes

UPDATE: Bano Beach is one of the loveliest resort I’ve visited but because of my bad experience regarding their customer service and bad reservation system, I don’t think I’ll be visiting the place again. Here’s my experience the last time I spent my vacation in Camotes. Summer is fast approaching again and if you’re looking […]

Liquid Dive & Beach Resort in Dauin, Dumaguete

Liquid Dive Resort in Dauin, Dumaguete

Most beach resorts are visited by beach bummers to relax and to enjoy the views and amenities. However, beach resorts in Dauin, Dumaguete have much more to offer as they have diving spots that will add excitement and adventure to your vacation. Sea snakes, lobsters and even sea turtles are among the amazing sea creatures […]

Green Lagoon Park in Compostela

Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu

Living in an urban area can sometimes be stressful and exhausting. So we need to get somewhere and relax and get a fresh breath of air. Luckily, there are lots of beach resorts that are near Cebu City so it’s easy to have fun and leave the busy life behind without using much time. One […]

The Philippine Eagle Center in Davao

Philippine Eagle Center in Davao

Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird, is one of the largest and strongest forest-dwelling birds in the world. Rabbits and monkeys are among their preys and that’s why they’re also called as monkey-eating eagles. Unfortunately, their population dwindled and they’re declared as endangered species due to excessive hunting and declining natural habitat. Thus, the Philippine […]

People’s Park in Davao City

People's Park in Davao City

People’s Park in Davao City is a four hectare wide cultural-theme park featuring a mini-forest, man-made falls, a dancing fountain at night, fish ponds, children’s playground and a giant durian dome. It’s frequently visited not only by tourists but also by students who are practicing for school activities and people who want to be physically […]

Crocodile Park in Davao City

Crocodile Park in Davao

Crocodiles are fascinating monsters that roam in our lands and lurk in our rivers. They are predators and see us as preys or food so it’s really amazing to be just a few feet away from them. In Davao Crocodile Park, you’ll see dozens of these amazing creatures just relaxing beneath the trees or swimming […]

Puro Island in Cabugao Ilocos Sur

Puro Island Ilocos Sur

If you love white sand beaches that are not crowded and without commercialized resorts, Puro Island in Magsingal, Ilocos Sur is one of the best choices. There are no cottages and establishments – only the island and the white sand beach. Puro Island can be reached from Sabang Beach in Ilocos Sur. You need to […]