Top Tourist Spots in Bohol

Tourist Spots Bohol

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Bohol is one of the most flocked tourist destinations in the Philippines because of the various attractions they offer such as breathtaking natural views, beaches, conservation parks and more. Even if it was shaken by a strong earthquake, Bohol still remains as one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines.

The top country-side tourist spots that you can visit in Bohol are the following

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

Around 1000 perfectly shaped hills are spread in the municipalities of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. During summer, the hills turn brown thus they are dubbed as chocolate hills. The entrance fee to the viewing deck is 50 pesos.

Man-Made Forest

Man-Made Forest in Bohol

Located along the border of Loboc and Bilar towns are a thick lush of red and white mahogany trees. This project was created due to the massive deforestation that’s happening in Loboc area. Inside this man-made forest, you’ll feel and appreciate the beauty of having under lots of trees. The place is cooler and the air is really fresher.

There are a few spots where you can temporarily park your car and take pictures. There are also trees big enough that you can sit on their roots.

Butterfly Sanctuary

Butterfly Sanctuary Farm in Bohol

The butterfly farm is home to around 150 species of butterflies. Rare butterflies can also be found in this sanctuary. They also have a restaurant and they accept reservations for special events. The whole area can be toured in five minutes. The entrance fee is 40 pesos for adults and 10 pesos for children.

The main highlight in this tourist attraction is the ice cream. It’s among the best tasting ice creams I’ve tried. Ice cream from butterfly farm is made with real fruit. Each piece costs 35 pesos.

Butterfly Farm Ice Cream

Loboc Floating Restaurant & River Cruise

Loboc Floating Restaurant

Eat all you can buffet plus river cruising sure sounds fun but Loboc floating restaurant is just overrated. The food doesn’t taste good and the restaurant is over-crowded. People are cramped in tables in order to accommodate guests as many as possible. So you might end up sitting elbow to elbow with people you don’t know.


During the cruise, they’ll bring you in an area where there are Itas or Aetas play drums and use bow and arrow. It’s a bit fun but you can see the modern shorts they wear under their bahag.

Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area


Tarsiers are widely known for being among the smallest primates. They’re cute and bug-eyed. Visitors are required to keep the area quiet and to turn of camera flashes. However, the place doesn’t seem to look like a sanctuary at all. Tarsiers are solitary in nature but in this area, some are kept in close proximity with the others and tourists are allowed to be only a few inches away from the tarsiers. The staff is even noisier than the tourists when they inform people where the tarsiers are. They even encourage people to take photos of tarsiers whose eyes are open.


The regular entrance fee is 60 pesos and for adults and students is 50 pesos. Entrance is free for children 12 years old and below. The viewing schedule is from 8AM to 5PM.

Melia Anaconda Viewing

Melia Anaconda in Bohol

Melia is claimed as the biggest anaconda in Bohol. The entrance fee to this tourist spot is 35 pesos. When Melia is fed and full, you can touch it and take pictures with it. They also have different species of birds and other animals. However, the place doesn’t look like properly maintained. Some clothes are just hanged on the cages and the animals are kept in small cages and look unhappy.

Civet Cat


Panglao Island

Nature is really something man-made attractions can’t beat. Panglao beach is among the best white sand beaches in the Philippines. The sand is white and powdery and the water is crystal clear. You can see fish swim around you even in the shallow part of the beach.

Panglao Island in Bohol



When staying in Panglao Island, Dubay beach resort is one of your affordable choices. They offer promos during off-peak season.

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