Tourist Spots in Tagaytay

Taal Lake & Volcano in Tagaytay

Taal Volcano in Tagaytay

The astonishing scenic view of Taal Lake and Volcano made Tagaytay one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the Philippines. Aside from the stunning view, the laid back lifestyle and the fresh air in Tagaytay make it a nice place for retreat. Tagaytay is just a small place that you can tour it in a day. But if you have the time and if you really want to relax, it’s best if you tour the place in two days.

If you want a glimpse of the famous Taal Lake, here are the must-visit tourist spots in Tagaytay.


Yes, I know that Starbucks cafes are common since you can always find one everywhere in the country. But wouldn’t you want to sip coffee more if this is your view?

Starbucks Tagaytay

This branch is along Calamba Road and right beside Discovery Country Suites.


Picnic Grove

Address: Tagaytay-Calamba Rd, Tagaytay

This one is for the traveler who loves adventure parks. They offer horseback riding, zipline and cable cars. The entrance fee is 50 pesos but there’s a separate fee for each ride.

Picnic Grove Tagaytay

Weekday Rate
P200 per person 1 way ride
P300 per person 2 way ride
Weekend Rate
P300 per person 1 way ride
P400 per person 2 way ride

All rides include free pictures and you can get a mug with your picture on it for 200 pesos.


Aside from the rides, Picnic Grove is also a great place for hiking following their eco-trail.

Picnic Grove Hanging Bridge

They also have viewing decks for you to enjoy Taal Lake.


People’s Park in the Sky

People Park in the Sky, given it’s location (on a mountain), is the best place to enjoy the view of Taal Lake and Volcano. Aside from Taal, you’ll also get a good view of the city. The entrance fee to the said park is only 30 pesos.

People's Park in the Sky Tagaytay

The view from People’s Park is really stunning but the park itself really needs grooming. Some letters are missing in their signage and the grasses are already very tall and need to be cut. The unfinished mansion that now serves as the viewing deck really needs cleaning as it really looks like a forgotten place.

Mahogany Market

Mahogany Market is famous for Tagaytay’s specialty bulalo. The price ranges from 250 – 500 pesos. They have the best-tasting bulalo since they use fresh beef and all the cows they use are grass fed. You’ll see from the photo below that the soup isn’t really that oily. It’s really different from the ones we get in the city since beef from cows that are fed with grain are fatty.


Calaruega caters events like weddings and offers retreat houses for rent. The place is also open for tourists and the entrance fee is thirty pesos. To go their, ride a jeepney from Olivares going to Nasugbo and inform the driver to drop you at Evercrest. From there, ride a tricycle going to Calaruega. The fare is from 50 to 60 pesos. You can also ask for the mobile number of the tricycle driver so he could pick you up once you finish touring Calaruega.

Calaruega Church Tagaytay



Calaruega is really a big place so be sure to bring a bottle of water when you’re touring it.

Bag of Beans Cafe and Restaurant

Address: Olivarez Street, Tagaytay

Bag of beans is a pleasant place for munching on pastries while sipping hot chocolate. They also serve other meals and they have a balcony that allows you to enjoy the view of Taal Lake while eating. The restaurant also has another branch along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway but I prefer their branch in Olivarez because of the view.

Bag of Beans Tagaytay



Sky Ranch

Every tourist in Tagaytay must never miss this attraction. It’s good for families since many of the rides are child friendly. The entrance fee is 80 pesos (rides not included). The price range for rides is 50 to 150 pesos.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Sky ranch has the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines called the “Sky Eye” which stands at 207 feet. Given that the location of the park is already elevated (on a mountainside), you’ll really get a good view of Taal and Tagaytay city. The Super Viking ride is also really thrilling especially if you seat on the last row of chairs of the viking ship.

Additional Tips

There are no taxi cabs in Tagaytay. Only tricycles and jeepneys are available for public transportation. The minimum fare for tricycles is 60 pesos but you can try to haggle it down to 50 pesos if your destination is just near. For jeepneys, the minimum fare is eight pesos. You can find the jeepneys or tricycles that you need to ride going to the different tourist attractions in Olivarez Street.

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