The City of Vigan

The City of Vigan

Vigan city is a World Heritgage Site and one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines. With its cobblestone streets and colonial European architecture, visiting the city will make you feel like you’re in the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.

In the city of Vigan, there are also new establishments like Max, Greenwhich, McDonald’s and Jollibee; however, they designed those new buildings to match the city’s architecture. There are also kalesas (horse carriages) that match the  the city’s theme. In fact, there’s an area in the city that only kalesas are allowed to enter.

The Cathedral of Vigan

Horse Carriages beside the Cathedral of Vigan

The decorations that they made last Christmas

McDonald’s in Vigan

The Park of Vigan

The Statue of Burgos

The Monument of Burgos

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      Vigan is really a great tourist attraction. I love everything in it. It would be really great if you could visit the place. And thanks for visiting this site.

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