Vigan Tourist Attractions & Travel Guide

Being one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines, Vigan City is a favorite destination to many tourists. The city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and officially recognized as one of the New7Wonder Cities.

Vigan Heritage Village

The main attraction in the city is the heritage village where Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets are still intact. Only horse-drawn carriages or calesa are allowed to use this street.

Vigan Heritage Village

Dancing Fountain at Plaza Salcedo

The dancing fountain show starts at 7PM.

Vigan Cathedral

Just in front of the dancing fountain is Vigan Cathedral. It was constructed from 1790-1800.

Hidden Garden

Aside from old Hispanic structures, there are also new establishments that are worth checking out. One of my favorite destinations in Vigan is Hidden Garden. It’s nice strolling around the garden and the place is well-tended.

There’s also a restaurant but the serving of food is quite slow. However, the food is really great so I suggest that you order your food first before strolling around.

They sell plants and clay molds.

My favorite part of the garden is the bonsai collection.

Baluarte Zoological Park

This park is owned by Chavit Singson and there’s no entrance fee. Camels, donkeys, ostriches, sheep, exotic birds, and of course, tigers are some of the animals you can find here.

Pagburnayan Jar Making Factory

Pagburnayan uses the traditional methods of making clay pots. Tourists may also try the process of creating jars.

Bantay Church & Bell Tower

Bantay Chruch is one of the oldest churches in Vigan and was established in 1590. It was damaged during World War II and was rebuilt in 1950.

Located on a hilltop, Bantay Bell Tower is overlooking a green pasture and the province of Abra. It was also used as a watchtower during World Wars I and II.

Plaza Burgos

The plaza is dedicated to the priest Jose P. Burgos. Beside the plaza are food stalls where you can buy the famous Vigan empanada.

Aside from empanada, okoy and sinanglao are also popular here.


Tricycles and calesas are the two common modes of public transportation in Vigan City. Tricycle fare is around 8 to 10 Pesos but may vary depending on the distance. Hiring a calesa is a bit more expensive which is 150 Pesos per hour but it sure is fun riding a horse-drawn carriage.

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